Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Leadership -vs- Management

We talk about it all the time, yet do we actually understand the difference? Leadership and management are two totally separate entities and rarely packaged in to one person.

Leadership: A leader is someone who can understand what the drivers are for an individual and exploit them. They clear the road ahead of the employee alowing them to perform to their best.

Management: A manager is someone who can understand what needs to be delivered, by when, how and at what cost. They are focused on Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and are concerned with measurements and reports.

A leader has to be charismatic and flexible, whereas a manager needs to be dogmatic and focused. These two qualities are rarely found in one individual, yet we often expect it. Why? Is there really anything wrong with having a manager and leader running a department or project? Sure there is a cost. But at what cost is poor leadership or poor management affecting the success of your business?


  1. Written a while ago, but still very relavent! Good article!

  2. Excellent post - thanks