Monday, July 12, 2004

Bob Nelson: Lead by Example

Bob Nelson has a great way of getting his message across: By example!

I've purchased 3 of his books to date and they all follow the same format. He canvases companies all over the World (though mainly the States, after all, isn't that the World?), and collates their practices in to short snippets of inspiration. His style makes it easy to read through the pages and pages of successful ways that so many companies use to boost and maintain morale. It quickly gives you hope that there are companies out there that are great to work for, and one day, heeding to these examples, your company will be one of those places too.

Type 'Bob Nelson' in to any search engine and you'll find examples of his work, although the best place is from the horses mouth (sorry Bob):

If you have any good ideas (in practice or not) of ways to improve morale at work, or have any valuable sources for such ideas, please send them to me. I will gladly review them and post them here for you all to see.

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