Monday, July 12, 2004

Who's To Boost Morale?

In a recent communication forum held at my place of work, we were asked to investigate a noticeable lack of morale in our respective business areas. I sent out a quick questionnaire to all those that I represent at these forums to ask for their thoughts.

What I came to realize is morale can be repaired by more than just 'managers'. As employees I think it's easy for us to forget that managers are equally just employees. At some point, they were like you or I. The reason they are managers today, is probably less to do with their management skills and more to do with the jobs they did well before they were promoted.

My constituents include HOD's and other senior bod’s. The lack in morale has affected them too.

So how do you start improving morale if morale is the one thing that's affecting those we expect to be dealing with it? Well? Why don't we do something about? Yep. Us: The run-of-the-mill employee?

My target, for myself, is to communicate with my seniors about morale issues (Awareness), to offer support in communicating there thoughts to my colleagues (Support), to empathize with the difficulties they are facing (Empathy), and to reward them with hopefully improving morale, which goes along to making them look good (Reward).

What are you going to do today to help improve morale at your workplace?

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